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Welcome to the World of Kuromi Plush! Discover our enchanting collection of Kuromi plushies that are designed to bring joy, style, and a hint of rebellious spirit into your life. Each plushie is a perfect embodiment of Kuromi’s unique character, complete with her signature pink hair, devilish grin, and, of course, a mischievous glint in her eye. Dive into our collection, find your favorite Kuromi plush, and let her spunky charm bring a smile to your face. 

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Why you love Kuromi Plush?

  • Unique and Edgy Character: Kuromi is a Sanrio character known for her unique blend of punk-rock style and a mischievous personality. Her non-conformist attitude and rebellious spirit make her stand out from other cute characters, which appeals to those who appreciate individuality and diversity.

  • Cuteness with Attitude: Kuromi manages to be both cute and sassy, making her appealing to a wide range of people. Her pink hair, devilish grin, and punk-inspired outfits create a distinctive and endearing look.

  • Nostalgia: For many fans, Kuromi represents a piece of their childhood or a bygone era. Sanrio characters have been a part of popular culture for decades, and Kuromi’s appeal can be nostalgic, reminding people of earlier times.

  • Collector’s Item: Kuromi plushies are often released in limited editions, special designs, or collaborations, making them attractive to collectors. The pursuit of rare or unique Kuromi plushies can be a hobby for enthusiasts.

  • Gift-Worthy: Kuromi plush makes for a great gift option. Whether for birthdays, holidays, or just to surprise someone, a Kuromi plush can be a thoughtful and unique present, especially for those who love the character.

  • Comfort and Cuddles: Just like any other plush toy, Kuromi plushies provide a sense of comfort, warmth, and security when cuddled. Many people find solace in hugging their favorite Kuromi plush.

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It is so ADORABLE! I love it so much! It is soft and so pretty! I am very happy with my order! It arrived in Spain in less than a week!! Totally recommended!!


I love Kuromi, my life is Kuromi, my religion, my pastor, guide, intention and Destiny, Kuromi is everything for me.


Honestly she’s perfect, very soft and very cute! I love the details and the dress is adorable, sooo recommended 💕


They’re soooo freaking adorable and came a few days earlier than expected but worth the wait overall!!!


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